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Parrot as pet: Parrots are funny birds, which makes them one of the most desirable pets. Due to their open-minded nature, they are ideal housemates.

The friendly and outgoing nature of parrots makes them one of the most desirable pets. The fact that they can learn to talk and their reproduction is not complicated also makes them particularly attractive. All of this makes parrots really fun companions and great companions. But while parrots make ideal companions, you should learn a few things about them first.

As you can see, there are many things to consider when keeping and caring for these animals. Although parrots are ideal companions who can accompany you for a lifetime, you should think very carefully before you buy them whether you can and want to take on this responsibility.

Adopt parrot

umbrella cockatoo for adoptionParrot as pet

Parrots make ideal companions. However, there are a few things you should consider before you buy. Before you decide to have a parrot as a pet, you should know that it is a very long-lived bird. Unlike other pets such as hamsters, rabbits, dogs, or cats, parrots can live between 50 and 60 years. Therefore, you must be aware that you will spend a large part of your life with this bird.

This has advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is that it is very unlikely that the parrot will die before you or at a young age. As a result, you may be spared the heartache that inevitably follows the death of a beloved pet.

In addition, parrots are lively and active animals that need almost constant attention and a fun environment to fuel their energy and satisfy their curiosity. Therefore, if you expect your pet to spend most of the day alone, you might be better off choosing another animal that requires less attention.

If a parrot doesn’t get all the attention it needs, it can develop pathologies such as anxiety, stress, depression, or destructive behavior. Also, you should know that parrots that are alone in their cage form a stronger emotional bond with their owners than when they have a partner.

Best parrot cage

Parrot cageParrot as pet

Choosing a suitable cage is one of the most important aspects of housing. A parrot needs a lot of space so that it can move well and fully spread its wings. Also, when resting on the perch, the tail must not touch the ground. Unfortunately, the cages sold in pet stores are often too small for the birds to feel comfortable in.

Also, the cage must be made of durable materials that are non-toxic. Furthermore, it must not have any holes or edges on which the parrot could injure itself. You should cover the bottom with newspaper to prevent the development of parasites. In addition, you must ensure that the parrot cannot get at its own droppings.

The cage must have at least two perches, the diameter of which must match the diameter of the parrot’s legs. Smooth perches made of wood or plastic are extremely unfavorable as they prevent the natural wear and tear of the claws and promote the development of leg diseases. Therefore they must be rough and placed in such a way that the bird cannot soil the feed and drinker with excrement.

As for location, the cage should be in a bright place with adequate ventilation. You also need to set it up so that when the parrot is perched on one of the perches, it is at your eye level. Because if the parrot sits much lower than you, it may feel intimidated and develop aggressive tendencies.

Toys for parrot

Parrot toysParrot as pet

As we have already mentioned, parrots make ideal and fun companions. But they are also very restless and inquisitive animals that need to be kept busy to keep them from getting bored. That’s why they need toys.

The most common are bells, wooden ladders, swings, or ropes. In order not to overfill the cage with objects and not to limit the freedom of movement of the parrot, it is ideal to change the toy from time to time. You will also stimulate the bird’s creativity in this way.

However, you have to be very careful when buying parrot toys. Because most of the accessories that are offered in the trade pose considerable dangers. Chains with oversized links and bells with detachable clappers are particularly dangerous as there is a risk of the animal swallowing them.

The best toys for parrots are those that are made from natural materials and are sized according to the bird’s age. It’s also best if they can’t be disassembled so the parrot won’t swallow them.

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