Parrot: The term parrot brings together several families of large birds, easily recognizable by their hooked beaks and their bright colors. Originally from hot countries,

this bird has been able to adapt to our interiors, and sometimes even to our outdoor aviaries. Notwithstanding this portrait, it should not be forgotten that the parrot is an animal whose maintenance and education can prove to be restrictive.

Parrot behavior

The parrot, like a child, demands a lot of attention. With great sociability, he will also know how to be temperamental when you refuse him something. Its powerful beak will then prove to be a formidable weapon that can inflict a few small wounds on you.

This character trait is mainly found in young animals or those who have received no education. Indeed, as soon as you spend time with your pet, and start training it, you will socialize it more, and thus be able to make it an outstanding companion.

Endowed with good intelligence, you can learn to talk to your parrot, but also to follow you, or even to stay on your shoulder. None of the moments you devote to it will be wasted time.

Parrot lifespan

Parrots can live between 20 and 80 years, depending on the species, the acquisition of a parrot must, therefore, be considered and matured.

How to choose my parrot?

Choosing your parrot is an essential step. Indeed, these animals need the presence of humans more than any other birds, and this must be taken into consideration. You will need to be able to talk to your bird daily, but also take it out under permanent supervision, and tolerate its regular noises.

Once you feel ready to acquire your parrot, you must either go to a specialized pet store or to a breeder in your area. Always prefer farmed animals to captured animals. Indeed, they have been in contact with humans since their youngest age, and this helps to fight against poaching which ravages certain populations of parrots.

As we have seen, there are different species of parrots, each of which has its particularities. Do not hesitate to inquire beforehand so as not to make any mistakes when buying your animal.

You will thus buy a parrot according to the time you have to devote to it, as well as the environment in which you will place it, and the space it will be able to dispose of. In an apartment, always prefer quiet birds.

Finally, it is preferable to acquire a healthy animal. Thus, when you buy you will have to make sure that your bird’s plumage is shiny, that his nose does not run, and that he has sparkling eyes. It should still be lively, and not be too feathered. Some birds, anxious, lose their feathers, but this is not fatal, because then placing them in a serene environment will allow them to redo their plumage.

Parrot cage

Parrot cage

Once your companion has been chosen, all you have to do is bring it home. However, you must first have prepared its environment, and therefore parrot cage.

Parrot cage size

Your animal will spend a large part of its life in its cage, at least until you have educated it. So you will have to choose a cage adapted to his needs.

Even if the minimum dimensions are 60x70x70, these are not immutable. Indeed, you must adapt the size of the cage to the size of your animal. The landmarks are the wings and the tail. Your parrot should be able to unfold its wings unhindered, and its tail should not touch the walls.

You will know that you are buying a cage adapted to his needs. The more spacious the cage, the better your pet will feel there. Do not hesitate to acquire a cage with an opening at its top, in order to install a perch there to be able to let your bird out.

Finally, you will need to choose a cage specially designed for parrots. Unlike regular cages, these have wider and more widely spaced bars. Parrots have indeed great strength in their beaks, and an ordinary cage would only last a very short time, as they would manage to escape easily.

Where to place the cage?

It is an animal that loves human company. So be sure to place your parrot in the room where it can most frequently enjoy this presence: living room, living room…

You will place the cage near a window so that it enjoys natural light, without he does not have to suffer from excessive heat.

Parrot cage accessories

The cage should be equipped with perches adapted to the size of your parrot, as well as its beak. Avoid plastic items. You can still add a rope to your parrot, so that it performs its acrobatics.

Parrot Food

It is getting easier and easier to feed parrots. Indeed, pet shops now offer ready-made food in which you will find the favorite foods of these birds, namely fruits and large seeds. However, nothing prevents you from making your own diet for your parrot according to his tastes.

Finally, these animals are very fond of fruit, whether apples or kiwis, through bananas. Rare are the fruits shunned by our little companions.

SOURCE: African Grey Parrot Pet

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