Small parrot

Small parrot: The parrot has captured the hearts of many people for hundreds of years, because of its beauty, its picturesque colors, and its affection for others. It is an intelligent companion, and people love to own it all over the world, even if you do not care much about the parrot, as soon as you see it, you will find yourself unable to resist its charm, and the reason behind that, people find the parrot the best pet, due to its ease of upbringing and good behavior.

Are you really interested in parrots? If you are interested, welcome to a world full of love, but first, you have to know the varieties available in order to choose between them. Not all parrots are large in size, as there are smaller parrots and they can be controlled more easily, which makes them a suitable and comfortable choice for you among all kinds of pets.

All types of parrots are colored, with a few exceptions. In some species, it is a loving and gentle creature. The most common types of parrots are green in color, although it is small in size, it has amazing capabilities, such as the ability of some types of parrot to speak, as these types of parrots are able I have to imitate sounds like human voices.

As for the presence of the parrot, there are more than 350 species of parrot all over the world, and the parrot, by nature, tends to live in dense forest areas, where it can hunt insects and small mammals and also eat nuts, seeds, and fruits.

You should know that raising birds is not limited to giving them their meals only and then leaving them in a cage alone. In fact, it is a great responsibility as it must provide a suitable environment for them in terms of cleanliness and attention and provide a healthy, varied, and high-quality diet in order for your birds to be healthy and to be able to put Their eggs are fertile and children become strong enough.

Budgerigar parrot


The budgerigar parrot has been one of the most popular types of pets for many years, so it is called the beloved parrot, so it is the right choice if you intend to own it, as it is a wonderful companion whether you are young or old, the budgerigar parrot is a creature to delight and entertain its owner because it is a wonderful personality and loves fun and play, but there is a lot of controversy about this A type of parrot,

the budgerigar needs a good space to play and exercise, although they can be housed in cages much smaller than large parrots and this makes them a good choice for apartment dwellers, and it is fun to monitor this parrot from a distance, especially if you keep it in a group Or pairs, you will find that they are very social birds and that they will not remain more friendly if you do not give enough contact between him and someone, or if he is isolated.

A budgerigar can live between 7 to 15 years, although its average lifespan is often much less than seven due to abuse, accidents, or a lack of knowledge of how to care for a bird like this. You should know that any parrot is like him. Any pet needs veterinary care from time to time because it also suffers from many diseases.

Pacific parrotlet

Pacific parrotlet

If the Pacific parrotlet is exactly what you are looking for, due to its small size and playful personality, there are several varieties of this parrot, each with unique and different features from the other.

The only thing that unites them is that it is a wonderful parrot and also needs a lot of free time to take care of it and loves to exercise Sports and has comedic tendencies, so you find it an acrobatic, beautiful, strange, and intelligent bird at the same time.

This little parrot can learn to speak and has the ability to develop a relationship between him and his owner. It is also one of the most desirable types of parrot because it does not have the ability to scream.

But remember that it is important to provide him with a lot of toys inside the cage, otherwise, he will get very bored, and the Pacific parrot needs things to tear and chew, so this bird loves to live in an atmosphere similar to nature, so placing branches inside the cage is a good idea to provide this feeling to him.



Before you start thinking about owning this type of bird, you must bear in mind the most important thing, which is how much time and energy you have. It is very difficult not to fall in love with lovebirds.

They are one of the most popular types of parrots as well, because of the beautiful bright colors of their feathers that make you Fascinated by them, it is simply amazing and comes in many colors and types.

Lovebirds came from Africa, just as lovebirds parrots do not usually speak and do not enjoy tricks like other parrots, but you may find it delicious in other respects. There is also a common mistake among lovebird parrots is that they must stay in pairs all the time. In fact, this is not true. The owners of this type of parrot found that lovebirds tend more to stay alone than to stay in pairs.



It is larger than some of the other birds on this list, the cockatiel parrot is also the most popular species as it is characterized by a playful and affectionate personality that adults and children love,

so people love spending time with it, and this bird loves to get out of the cage every day to play and vent for itself, the cockatiel parrot is a strange bird And differently, we find him preferring to imitate household sounds rather than imitating human voices,

so he likes to imitate telephone devices and bells instead of imitating human speech. As for training him, he responds to you well and positively, which makes him one of the parrots of a sweet nature.

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