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Funny parrot: The friendly and outgoing nature of parrots makes them desirable pets. In addition, they become particularly attractive by learning and using language. Reproduction is not too complicated either. All of this makes Funny parrot companions that are great at keeping us humans company.

Parrot adoption

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Before you decide to get a parrot as a pet, keep in mind that it is a very long-lived bird. Unlike other pet parrots such as hamsters, rabbits, dogs, or cats, parrots can live between 20 and 100 years.

Because of this, prospective owners must be willing to share much of life with this bird. This has its pros and cons. The main advantage is the low probability that the parrot will die before its owner or at a young age. This avoids the sadness that inevitably follows the death of a pet.

Parrots are lively and active animals that need almost constant attention and a varied environment. Then they can express their energy and satisfy their innate curiosity. Therefore, if the pet is going to spend most of the day alone, it is better to opt for one that needs less attention.

For example, if a parrot doesn’t get all the attention it needs, it can suffer from stress and develop anxiety or destructive behavior patterns. It is important to remember that parrots that are alone in their cage form a stronger emotional bond with their owners than when they are in a mate.

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Choosing a suitable cage is one of the most important aspects of parrot care. A parrot needs a lot of space so that it can move well and fully spread its wings. In addition, the tail must not touch the ground when the parrot is on the porch. Unfortunately, the cages available in pet shops are often too small and the parrot does not feel comfortable in them.

Also, the cage must be made of durable materials that are non-toxic. Furthermore, the cage must not have any defects that could injure the parrot. The floor should be lined with newspaper to prevent the development and spread of parasites. The cage must be designed in such a way that the bird cannot get at its own droppings.

Likewise, the cage must have at least two perches whose diameter cannot be fully encompassed by the bird’s grasping foot. Smooth perches made of wood and plastic are unsuitable as they prevent the natural wear of the claws and can contribute to the development of foot diseases. For this reason, they must have a rough surface. Keepers should position the perches so that the bird cannot contaminate feeders and waterers with droppings.

When choosing a location, you should make sure that the cage is placed in a place with plenty of light and good ventilation. In addition, it must be adjusted in height. A parrot sitting on one of the perches should be at eye level with its master or mistress. If the parrot sits below, it feels dominated and can develop aggressive tendencies.

Parrot toysFunny parrot

As already mentioned, parrots are very lively and inquisitive animals that need to keep themselves busy in order not to get bored. For this reason, toys that are attached to the cage are recommended.

These are usually made of metal parts with wood or sisal elements and come in many forms – as bells, ladders, swings, rings, or ropes. It is better to avoid overcrowding the cage and restricting the parrot’s mobility. It is also ideal to change the toy from time to time. This also stimulates the creativity of the bird.

You must exercise caution with parrot toys, as many accessories sold in stores pose significant hazards. Chains with links that are too large and bells with easy-to-release clappers are particularly dangerous because they can be swallowed by the animal.

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