How to take care of a parrot

How to take care of a parrot: It is the third most popular animal as a pet after the dog and the cat. He is considered an excellent company and can even be trained.

Moreover, it will not generate large expenses for you but it is essential to pay it minimal attention so that it feels good. Discover below the attentions to give a parrot the most appropriate cage, environment, and food for him.

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The parrot is a bird whose average lifespan is around 11 years. It is an ideal pet because it integrates very well into family life if you give it a role. He can even learn to say a few very specific words.

In Australia, where he comes from, he lives in groups. This is why he is very used to being accompanied and if he is accompanied by other members of his species, it is even better.

Parrot cage

Parrot cageHow to take care of a parrot

It is an animal that needs space and flies mainly horizontally. This is why the ideal dimensions of a parrot cage should not be less than 70 cm long and 40 cm wide. This facilitates his movements and the possibility of playing, an activity he loves.

In addition, you will need to choose a rectangular shaped cage. Parrots are birds that seek refuge in corners in case of a scary situation. If you buy a  circular cage, your bird will lose its bearings.

You must take into account that these are animals that defecate every 15-20 minutes. For this, it is recommended to find a cage with a double bottom. Thus, cleaning is facilitated and it does not bother the animal.

Once the location of the cage has been decided and you are sure that the parrot is comfortable there,  you must prepare its environment for rest. You will need to cover the cage with a sheet that will still allow air to pass through.

Little by little, you will also have to succeed in interacting with the parrot. Take into account that it is good to let it go and let it fly, but of course always in a closed room,  taking the appropriate security measures and knowing that it will be able to dirty the place.

Inside the cage

A feeder, a bowl, and a cuttlebone for the bird to file its beak and claws. These are the basic elements of the life of a parrot. Of course, its safety and comfort will always come first.

It is recommended to give him a feeder with an open upper mouth and that the containers are made of plastic to facilitate cleaning.

In addition,  it is good to install crossbars in the cage so that he can rest on them and train his paws. The best are those made of natural materials, such as wood.

Toys of different sizes and colors stimulate the animal,  such as the bathtub. Parrots love to cool off and it is also a way for them to wash and have a healthy lifestyle. It is important to remember to change your water every day.

The ideal space

An important point to think about in caring for a parrot is deciding where to place the cage.

It is recommended to find a place where there is enough light but which is not directly exposed to the sun. Avoid spaces where there are sudden changes in temperature or drafts. This is the case of kitchens, near doors or open windows.

In addition, it is recommended not to change the location of the cage often.

Clean parrot cage

Cleaning a parrot cageHow to take care of a parrot

The cage should be cleaned daily. To do this, you must remove the bottom filled with food scraps and waste. Once a week, wash it with soapy water, being careful not to use toxic products.

It is necessary to change the natural bars from time to time to ensure good hygiene for the animal. The same goes for food and water containers.

Parrot food

Parrot food

It must be diversified. A mixture of seeds,  fruits, and vegetables is ideal, for example. Among the seeds, parrots generally love fresh, washed, and dry salad or fruits such as apples.

If you have any doubts about your parrot’s diet, see a veterinarian. Also take into account that foods such as potatoes, avocado, or parsley can cause health damage to your animal.

Parrot Health

Like all pets, the parrot needs attention to its health. For this,  it is important to be alert to possible changes in its behavior or size.

Parrot reproduction

It is recommended that the parrot lives with other members of its species. You can live with 2 males or a male and a female together in the same cage. On the other hand, avoid the cohabitation of two females.

SOURCE: African Grey Parrot Pet

Finally,  it is advisable not to cut their wings or claws yourself, without a professional.

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