Parrot cage

Parrot cage: Whether he is talkative or not, your parrot does not like to be isolated. He needs your presence. Its cage, of good size, must be installed accordingly. Equip it with all the essential accessories for its well-being and maintain it for the good health of your parrot.

Best cage for parrot

Several types of habitats are available for your parrot. From the aviary to the “simple” cage, it is of course necessary that the size is sufficient so that it is at ease there. It also depends on whether your parrot is alone in its cage or if it shares it with a congener.

In your specialized store, you will find a large selection of cages that will delight your companion!

Parrot cage setup

Your parrot does not like loneliness. Remember to install his cage in a place where he can regularly benefit from your presence. Don’t leave him isolated, it’s against his nature and he would be too bored!

Your parrot needs you. However, your parrot’s cage should be placed in a quiet place. Avoid the immediate proximity of a TV, a telephone, a radio or a hi-fi system!

Can I install my parrot’s cage anywhere?

No! Avoid placing your parrot’s cage in the kitchen because of the fumes. These can be harmful to the health of your companion.

If you are a smoker, also avoid putting your parrot’s cage in this part of the house.

The bathroom is also not a recommended place to put your parrot’s cage in it, because of the steam that emanates there.

Toys for parrots

Your parrot’s cage should be equipped with perches, feeders, and a water point (watering trough). Some accessories will also allow your parrot to have fun.

However, it must be ensured that they do not present any danger, such as a risk of “snagging”. Your specialist store will offer you the accessories best suited to your companion.

The perch alone, allowing your parrot to live freely, can be considered if the conditions allow it and if the animal is used to it.

In addition to routine care, maintenance, proper nutrition, etc. to have a healthy parrot, good hygiene of its cage or aviary is essential.


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