Cockatiel: Among the species of each parrot, there are those that have managed to swing in the upper positions as the best. For example, when thinking of a cockatiel, how can a person not think of the name Cockatiel?

The truth is that to be a cockatiel, could be classified as small since it measures between 25-33 centimeters based on the sample. For many years it had been classified as a member of the crowded parrot family, but after many years of study, it eventually became a separate family within the Cacatuidae species.

It is characterized by its erectile crest, unlike the rest of its family members, and by very long feathers on its tail, which can be half its size. Its plumage is usually gray in color, with an orange cheek patch.

One could say that it is easy to distinguish the male from the female, since the female has rows of yellow dots under the wing, with a yellow bar at the end of the tail, while the males have nothing. The young, when they are young, are identical to the females, so it is very difficult to differentiate the sex of these until they change their feathers.

This bird is very common and widespread throughout its range. It has undoubtedly benefited from artificial installations and reservoirs for agricultural development. The world population is estimated at nearly one million.

The many birds that have escaped to the United States have failed in their attempts to establish themselves in the wild. In Australia, cockatiels are often persecuted for their abundance and considered agricultural pests.

Cockatiel for pet

The Cockatiel or Nymphic Parakeet, known by the scientific name Nymphicus hollandicus and the common name cocotilla or carolina, is an endemic species of Australia and one of the most common pet birds in the world. In fact, it is often recommended when choosing a cockatiel as a pet

It generally inhabits the interior of Australia, in open areas near large bodies of water, and is very rare in Tasmania. A nomadic species that changes homes depending on the availability of water and food.

Cockatiel talking

SOURCE: African Grey Parrot Pet

Cockatiel lifespan

Although it is part of the cockatiel family, it is not as long-lived as the rest of its relatives, as the average lifespan of a nymph cockatiel is usually around 15 years.

Cockatiel Adoption

cockatiel adoption

It’s no wonder this species has been labeled the “ideal pet” for those considering getting a bird. To begin with, it is a bird that quickly gets used to human contact and many have managed to train it with great success.

The males sing and can learn to imitate a few words since they are very intelligent birds, but their greatest virtue is learning to imitate melodies or sounds. They will need a bit of training, about 5-10 minutes a day, to memorize the different words or sounds they want to learn.

It is true that it is a smaller bird than the rest of its relatives, but it does not need a smaller cage. On the contrary, it flies very hard, and the larger its cage, the better it is for your cockatiel nymph.

He likes to fly this one, but much more in freedom. When asked if it can be loose at home, like other parrots, it is best to wait until it is used to following your commands otherwise it might try to escape through a window. You better keep him in the crate until he sits in your hand or is used to obeying you when you tell him to come back.

Cockatiel food

Cockatiel food

The food of a cockatiel parrot is based on three pillars: the dry ration, which consists of food or a mixture of seeds, including apiste, and the fresh ration, which must consist of 80% vegetables and 20% low-sugar fruit.

It is not a bird that usually causes problems when eating different types of fruit or vegetables, and these should be offered in small pieces and washed well. Of course, they must be fresh to avoid the appearance of parasites inside the bird.

Cockatiel cage

Cockatiels love company, so if you’re short on time at home, it’s best to get them a companion. It will be very happy to have someone to spend time with inside the cage.


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