Nanday conures

Nanday conures, despite their small size, are really little parrots, full of life, intelligent, sociable, cute, and know perfectly how to be adored.

We cannot say that they are shy, far from it, and are as charming as they are funny.
In short, they make excellent pet parrots, extremely popular and very commonly kept all over the world.

  • Nandayus nenday
  • Origin: South America
  • Height: 25 to 30 cm
  • Legal status: Appendix 2 Cites

Nanday conure behavior

nanday parakeetNanday conures

Nandays are particularly active and curious. They can play, climb on a toy, squeal a good shot to warn of a passing cat, then from one minute to another, curl up against you and claim tickles!
They are real clowns. In particular, they love to fall suddenly on their backs, with their legs in the air…

it’s actually quite surprising and disconcerting the first time you observe this phenomenon! Another sign of their curiosity is that they are constantly alert to what is going on around them, and if something or someone calls out to them, they will loudly point it out to you.

They are rather independent birds capable of playing or beating on a toy alone for hours. Generally, the nanday conure adapts easily to a new environment, and gets along well with all members of the family, even if it is able to choose a “favorite companion”.

But as long as it is exposed to everyone and socialized properly, this bird should remain familiar. Chewing on wood or other toys is an essential activity for these active birds. Attention, these parakeets when they are excited, can pinch. It’s usually not an expression of their personality, just a natural reaction. It is therefore very important to learn to observe the signs of excitement or tension. The easiest way then, is to leave your bird calm.

Nanday parakeets have a loud voice relative to their small size but are no louder than other parrots. It is mainly changing in their environment (a passing cat, a strange noise, an unknown person) that trigger their cries.

Nanday conure talking

These birds are generally considered to be good talkers, and depending on the individual, they can easily be taught a fairly wide vocabulary. This is good news because it allows their cry to be replaced by words, which is much more comfortable for the ears!

Testimonials describe birds capable of learning up to twenty words. Some birds have started to speak from the age of 9 weeks! The pronunciation is not as crystal clear as that of a Grey, Amazon or Eclectus, but is still clear enough to be understood.

Nanday conure care

nanday conure birdNanday conures

Toys, toys, and more toys. Their beak must be occupied at all times, to avoid boredom.
Nandays are generally quite independent, which does not mean that they should be left in their corner. As with all other parrots, interactions, games, and training are essential for their well-being and balance.
Don’t forget the shower and baths, they love it.

Nanday conure food

Nanday conures are particularly robust and are really not demanding in terms of food. Mixes of seeds, pellets, fruits, and vegetables will be more than enough. Do not hesitate to vary the pleasures, these curious birds will give it back to you.

Nanday conure adopt

conure nandayNanday conures

A family that is not too large and fairly calm will suit Nanday conures perfectly. These conures are sensitive to the external environment and their sound volume will be more discreet if they evolve in a serene environment. These little feathered wonders love to be petted, handled, petted, and generally get along well with children (under supervision, however).
A few parrots are so adorable and charming, you are going to enjoy them…

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