Parrot cage

Parrot cage

Parrot cage: Whether he is talkative or not, your parrot does not like to be isolated. He needs your presence. Its cage, of good size, must be installed accordingly. Equip it with all the essential accessories for its well-being and maintain it for the good health of your parrot. Best cage for parrot Several types … Read more

Sun conure

Sun conure: It is a very colorful bird, hence its name! Its head and its belly are of an intense yellow but also present red-orange. Its wings are predominantly yellow-edged with green (unlike its sister Jandaya which has all green wings!). The beak is black, as are the legs. Very similar to the Jandaya conure, we … Read more

Jendaya conure

jendaya conure

Jendaya conure: Very colorful parrot, the head is yellow, the belly red-orange, the wings green with blue regimes, and the beak are black. The young resemble the adults, except on the level of the head, which is duller with small green spots, the top of the body is also a little duller. CITES Appendix II. … Read more



conure: It is a small parrot of about 25 cm, very active, endowed with a huge “care fond” and great intelligence. He lives on average about twenty years. Its two main character traits are curiosity and gluttony, which makes it an easily tamed bird. He can be affectionate and will seek your contact as long as … Read more