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Things Not to Feed a Conure

Taking care of conure parrots are definitely a joy to may pet lovers. These birds, which belong to the taxonomic family of Psittacidae, are known for their colorful feathers, well-mannered nature, and their sociability. Five known genera of conures are use as pets, and these species were said to have originated from South America. Not only that, conures are known to be highly intelligent, and can do lots of impressive feats when properly trained. Like any other pet, conures require a lot of tender loving care.

The needs of conures are immediately provided by their owners. For one thing, allowing your conure to live in a shelter that is safe and well-equipped with toys and perches is an important role that the owner plays. Speaking of playing, owners also need to interact with their pets, by speaking to them and giving them play time. Most importantly, the role of the conure owner is to ensure that his conures are receiving the proper nutrition they need everyday.

When providing for the nutritional needs of your conure, keep in mind that a little or an excess of something can pose health risks to your pet. The natural diet of conures consists of seeds, nuts, fruit, and grains. These days, smart conure lovers choose to buy pelleted conure food, which is actually a processed combination of many food types. This kind of bird food may already be enriched with vitamins and minerals that ensure the health of the immune system of your conure.

Though it may be fun to observe how heartily your conures eat, you still have to know that there are some types of food that you should not feed to your conure. Here is a list and some brief explanations of each.

Things not to feed your conure:

1. Avocado Though conures love to eat fruits, avocadoes are an exception to that rule. One of the reasons why this fruit is not ideal for conure consumption is because of the high oil and high fat content.
2. Chocolate Even if humans enjoy eating confectionery, conures won't feel the same way. Studies have shown that chocolate fed to certain types of animals, like dogs and birds, can lead to chocolate toxicity, which can lead to death. This may be attributed to theobromin, a substance found in cacao.
3. Potato chips, pretzels Salty snacks are not ideal for conures, or for any other pet for that matter. Introducing salt to their diet may cause an imbalance in their internal environment, which leads to many health problems.
4. Dairy products Birds are generally lactose intolerant, and feeding them milk, yogurt, or any other creamy food may cause stomach upset.
5. Sweets Candy is not considered as an ideal treat to feed conures. Like chocolate, these substances can lead to heart ailments and liver failure if fed in excessive amounts. Also, some sweets have caffeine, and that is a big no-no for small animals.

Always consult with your avian vet regarding making changes in the diet of your conure. Note that there are other foods to watch out for, so be sure you know what you are feeding your pet.  

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