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4 Key Points On Cage Placement

How you place your parrot’s cage in your home can be a bid deal. It can mean the difference between a bird that lives a scared and uncomfortable life, or a life in peace where he has a sanctuary where he can get away from chaos and feel safe. Below are 4 things you should consider when deciding where to put up a cage for Conures.

1. Do not put your Conure’s cage in the center of the room. This will result in your parrot never having a secure corner of his cage to go to. He will constantly be on guard and could become much more aggressive and intense. If for some reason your parrot’s cage has to be in the center of the room make sure to cover it with a towel. At least 1/3 of the parrots cage should be covered at all times to make sure he has a place of security he can always go to when he is stressed.

2. A common mistake that many people do is place their birds cage against a window thinking “This way he can see what’s going on outside” but that is exactly what end up happening, and here is why it is bad. Birds have predators, and those predators live outside. Whether it is a neighborhood dog or a hawk flying up in the sky or perched in a nearby tree, your parrot’s instincts are working over time just conjuring up ways to get away from these predators if they happen to spot him. It is a good way to tire out your parrot and make him cranky, when all day long he has to make sure he doesn’t get eaten by your neighbor’s dog. Another reason why you should not put your bird by the window is because the sun could over heat your parrot, and if you do not have air conditioning and do not provide shade for your parrot you could run into some serious problems.

3. Birds are very insecure on the ground. So make sure your bird’s cage is not on the ground. I am sure you have noticed how your bird always wants to climb up your arm or onto your shoulder. This is because they feel more secure higher up in the air.

4. And the last thing to remember with cage placement is to let the bird establish himself in his environment. By this I mean don’t keep moving the birds cage around. Birds are very much creatures of habit and do not like change. So after you find a good spot for your bird, try your best to leave him there.

Dave Womach teaches people how to train their Conures to be well behaved pets at

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