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This is the resource section of the site comprising of different articles covering a wide range of topics relating to all aspects of Conures. We frequently publish contributors content, if you would like to contribute please fly here

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Things Not to Feed a Conure - 05/02/2008

A must read for everyone who looks after a conure

Conure Avian Vet - 05/02/2008

Here we look at the role of the avian vet in your conures life

Conure Feather Plucking - 05/02/2008

This article looks at three possible causes for feather plucking and suggests a technique to stop your conure plucking its feathers

Conure Moulting - 05/02/2008

Learn more about how and why your conure moults it feathers

Conure Talking - 05/02/2008

Brief introduction looking at how to start to train your conure to talk

Conure Wing Clipping - 27/01/2008

Clipping Conure Wings: All You Need to Know

Conure Breeding - 27/01/2008

Basic Information about Breeding Conures

Conure Training - 27/01/2008

Training a Conure Can Be Easy

Conure Toys- 27/01/2008

Know about Some Toys for Your Conure

Conure Diet - 27/01/2008

Understanding the Diet of Your Conure

Keeping a conure as a pet - 23/06/2007

This interesting article covers a number of things that all conure owners should know. It covers specifically keeping conures as a pet, toys and playing, security, wing clipping, security, bathing, sociability, talking, screeching and tricks

Conure diet, food and feeding - 22/06/2007

Diet is an important aspect of caring for conures and it is important to get it right. This articles cover various seed types, vegetables, fruit, vitamins, minerals amongst other things.

Conure cages and aviaries - how to build an aviary - 21/06/2007

Useful article considering issues surrounding housing conures. Covers outdoor aviaries in depth, indoor flights and conure cages

Selecting a conure - 20/06/2007

Excellent article discussing factors to consider when buy a conure

Getting Conures to Talk - Top five tips - 20/06/2007

This can be a frustration task but this article has 5 tips to help you on the way

Sun Conure Basic Care - 18/05/2007

Basic Sun Conure Care starts with the knowledge of your bird and some brief sun conure facts.

Cage Placement - 06/05/2007

Ever wondered where the best position to put your Conure's cage is? This article give some excellent insights into positioning Conures' cages

Bird Screaming - 06/05/2007

Bird screaming is a problem which can get very annoying very quickly! This article provides excellent strategies for helping to training your parrot to stop

Sun Conure Owner's introduction - 06/05/2007

A great introduction to caring for Sun Conures

Build an origami Conure! - 06/05/2007

Have fun having a go at building an origami Conure! All you need is a bit of paper and a healthy dose of patience!

Parrot game (Polly the Kleptomaniac Parrot) - 06/05/2007

A bit of light hearted fun! This parrot is a little bit scary!


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