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Conure Care

Conure Basic Care - The Essential Rules of Conure Care
Laura Belle

When considering the parrot family, my personal favourite bird happens to be the sun conure. Sun conures are known for their unique and remarkable colour plumage, their admirable intelligence, and their nature of being playful and loving. A sun conure parrot can make a great pet for your entire family if you take the time to discover and learn the basic sun conure care methods outlined in this article.

Basic Sun Conure Care starts with the knowledge of your bird and some brief sun conure facts. For starters, the sun conure parrot measures only about a foot long from its head to its tail. They have a rather large head with a black beak and its plumage is strikingly colourful with lots of yellows, oranges, and greens. It is indeed a very beautiful bird and requires utmost care and maintenance.

Bathing Sun Conures
Sun conures love bathing and will not hesitate to bathe in their own water bowl if you do not provide them with a bathing dish. Another suggestion for bathing sun conures is to spray them with a water bottle using a soft mist which they will ultimately enjoy!

Sun Conure Cage
Next on our sun conure care list is the sun conure cage requirements. I would suggest a small cage no larger than 20 inches long by 20 inches wide and about 22-24 inches high. Make sure to include some perches inside the cage and plenty of toys. That's right, sun conure birds love playing with toys so be sure to hang some nooks and chewable toys for your bird to play with.

Sun Conure Diet
One of the most important aspects of basic sun conure care is the sun conure diet. A good base pellet diet is a great way to start. However, they will also enjoy nourishment from fortified parrot seed as well. A healthy sun conure diet not only consists of pellets and seeds but also includes plenty of fruits and vegetables. Just be sure to NEVER feed your sun conure bird avocado, iceberg lettuce, cabbage or parsley. These foods will be harmful to your sun conure bird so please avoid them at all costs.

Training Sun Conures
As I mentioned earlier, sun conure parrots are highly intelligent birds. Words cannot even describe how smart these little birds are. They love playing and being held by their owners and are so open and willing to learn tricks and even how to talk. Though they have a cute squeaky voice, it is amazing how fast a sun conure bird can be taught to speak. They truly enjoy performing their newly acquired tricks for their owners as long as you praise them with a treat every time they correctly perform a trick. Spending about 15 minutes a day with your sun conure bird teaching them words and tricks will surely make your sun conure a happy bird.

Keep in Mind
These are only basic sun conure care tips and while they are the essential methods of keeping a sun conure bird healthy and happy, there are hundreds of tips and tricks that have been developed over the years from expert sun conure parrot owners and trainers whose expertise in sun conure care is top notch. Click here to learn these valuable Sun Conure Care Lessons.

Laura Belle has been training exotic birds and parrots for over 22 years.

To visit her sun conure training website, click here:

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